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Land Adjoining Meadow Lane, Darley


Lister Haigh intend to submit an outline planning application for the residential development of up to 60 new homes on land adjoining Meadow Lane.
The Council are working to produce a new Local Plan. The proposed application site forms part of the preferred housing allocation DR14 identified by the Council to help meet the housing needs of the District.
A consultation leaflet has been sent to the residents of Darley village to provide them with the opportunity to comment on the scheme prior to the submission of a planning application to Harrogate Borough Council.

The Proposals

The illustrative masterplan shows the site providing 53 dwellings (18 affordable) with a single vehicular access from Meadow Lane to the Main Street, internal road layout and on-site areas of public open space.       

To download the illustrative masterplan, click here.
The proposals are for residential development for up to 60 dwellings of which 40% will be affordable housing. The illustrative scheme comprises a mix of 1 to 4-bedroom properties with parking, and garages.
The development proposals include areas of Public Open Space and will seek to retain existing trees and hedges throughout the site and on the site boundaries where possible. New landscaping is also proposed across the site.

Scheme Benefits

The scheme will provide a range of social, economic and environmental benefits.
A mix of homes will be provided in a range of property styles designed to meet the needs of single people, couples and families.
40% affordable housing provision will be provided on site in line with Council policy.
Existing hedgerows and trees will be retained and enhanced across the site, where possible, alongside a landscaping scheme devised to encourage biodiversity. Ecological enhancement opportunities could be provided through appropriate planting and the use of bird boxes across the site.

If planning permission is granted a Section 106 legal agreement will be entered between the developer and Harrogate Council, addressing any need for further services or facilities resulting from the impact of the development. This may include financial contributions to Public Open Space (POS), education provision and off-site highway improvement works.  Determining the amount of public open space on our scheme is partly dependent on existing local provision and in some cases rather than providing a full amount, a contribution to the maintenance of other local provision is deemed more appropriate.   We will also be expected to contribute to the upkeep of the village hall.

The Planning Application will be supported by the following documents:-
• Location Plan
• Site Plan
• Illustrative Masterplan
• Topographical Survey;
• Arboricultural Survey;
• Ecology Survey;
• Phase 1 Geoenvironmental Study
• Landscape Visual Impact Appraisal
• Transport Statement
• Flood Risk and Drainage Report

A copy of the information leaflet hand delivered to residents can be viewed here

We would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us but are unable to enter into any personal correspondence.