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Basic Payment Scheme

The minimum claim area remains at 5 Hectares and claimants must be “Active Farmers”. Those who do not operate airports, railway services, waterworks, real estate services or permanent sport & recreational grounds, or whose total 2016 BPS claim was worth up to €5,000 (£4,261.40) to qualify automatically. If not, there are three “requalification” routes.

BPS claimants must meet 3 “Greening” measures on all their eligible area, not just the land used to claim BPS: Retention of Permanent Pasture and, for those with arable land, Crop Diversification and Ecological Focus Areas. This is in addition to the Cross Compliance requirements detailed in the Statutory Management Requirements (SMR’s) and Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) requirements.

Young Farmers Scheme: Those under 40 can apply annually for a 25% top-up payment on up to 90 entitlements for up to 5 years after taking control of a business.

Lister Haigh is able to provide expert advice and assistance with all aspects of the Basic Payment Scheme including:

  • Completion of the annual Basic Payment Application
  • Registering land on the Land Parcel Information System (LPIS).
  • Resolving disputes with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) arising from previous years claims
  • Submitting formal Appeals to the RPA
  • Registering new businesses with the RPA
  • National Reserve matters
  • Cross compliance matters and requests for derogations
  • Transfers of Entitlements between businesses

Please contact Catherine Johnston or Andrew Hardcastle at our Knaresborough Office on 01423 860322 for further advice and assistance.

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