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Water Capital Grant Scheme

How much is available?

Farmers and land managers in England can apply to Natural England for a water capital grant of up to £20,000 for a stand alone agreement to help them carry out works that will improve water management and quality on their land.

Applications for water capital grants opened on the 19th March 2021 and the closing date was 30th April 2021 for receipt by the RPA. The water capital grants can also be delivered through The Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship Scheme with a deadline of 30th July 2021 and a cap of £120,000.

What can be funded?

Water capital grants are one-off payments towards the cost of specific items or activities and land managers can select from a wide range of practical projects that will attract different amounts of funding. There are more than 40 items eligible for grant funding, including:

  • installing biobeds
  • preventing livestock access to watercourses by erecting watercourse fencing
  • providing drinking troughs as an alternative to watercourse drinking for livestock
  • relocation of sheep dips and pens
  • roofing of sprayer washdown areas, manure storage areas, livestock gathering areas, slurry stores and silage stores

Funding is competitive with grants awarded to applications that best meet the scheme’s priorities and have the greatest environmental benefit.

Advice on how to apply

Anyone interested in making an application to the grant fund is strongly advised to contact their local Catchment Sensitive Farming officer or catchment partner advice before making an application. Support is available to help identify the main opportunities for water quality improvement, provide advice on what capital work could be eligible and help with completion of the application.

Applications will only be accepted from land holdings in a priority catchment target area. Detailed maps for individual catchments can be viewed on the MAGIC website or contact the Capital Grants scheme team on 0300 060 1111 for further information.

For advice or assistance please contact Catherine Johnston at our Knaresborough office 01423 860322.