Compensation Claims


Compulsory Purchase

Have you been contacted about the compulsory purchase of property you own or occupy?

Lister Haigh have a dedicated team of professionals who are able to offer advice on all aspects of compensation to both owners and occupiers of property affected by compulsory purchase.

Compulsory Purchase is a specialist area which requires expert advice from an early stage. Our professional team can provide advice to affected parties to ensure works are completed with minimal disruption and negotiate compensation for loss or damage to the claimants property together with disturbance matters. Lister Haigh have a wealth of experience in representing customers in situations involving road schemes, pipelines, cables, pylons together with easements and wayleaves.

Click here to download our Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Guide

Part I Claims

Do you own property near a new road, road improvement scheme or railway?

People who own property near such a scheme may be able to substantiate a claim resulting from the depreciation in the value of their property because of the unpleasant effects of noise, vibration, smell, fumes and smoke which arise from traffic using the new road and adjoining sections of altered highway. Claims can also be made should artificial lighting, including car headlights be intrusive. You must have owned the property at the time road alterations were completed in order to be eligible to claim.

At Lister Haigh, we have been dealing with compensation claims for the depreciation in value of property since claims of this type became admissible in 1973. Under the Land Compensation Act 1973 our fees for successfully claiming and negotiating compensation for you will be paid by the Highway Authority responsible for the works.

Harrogate Relief Road

Harrogate Relief Road is a new road scheme that has been announced by North Yorkshire County Council. The potential scheme aims to reduce the impact of local traffic in Harrgoate and Knaresborough. A detemined route is still yet to be identified, but people who own property near the area should obtain advice as soon as the proposal is determined.

For further information

For more information on the Harrogate Relief Road please click here, or if you think you will be affected by the scheme please contact John Haigh, Catherine Johnston or Giles Chaplin at our Knaresborough Office on 01423 860322.

High Speed 2 (HS2)

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a proposed high-speed railway between London and the Midlands and the North of England.  People who own property near such a scheme may be able to substantiate a claim under Part 1 above.

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For more information on HS2 please click more information. 

For more information or if you think you have been affected by a scheme please contact John Haigh at our Knaresborough Office on 01423 860322.

Note: We will not accept instructions for work currently in hand and for which another professional adviser has already been retained until we are satisfied that previous instructions have been terminated. If this was not done you could be liable to pay fees to both professional advisers of which the Highways Authority would only pay one.