Harrogate Relief Road

Harrogate Relief Road 

The Harrogate Relief Road is a new road scheme proposed by North Yorkshire County Council that aims to reduce the level of local traffic through Harrgogate and Knaresborough. The council are currently looking at two proposed ‘packages’ that both focus on a range of sustainable green measures as well as a Killinghall bypass and ‘inner relief road’ starting at Bilton. The council have not yet determined a specific route, and it is thought that this is atleast 12 months away. 

The Latest 

Following the conclusion of the public consultation on the 8th July we understand that the County Council will conduct necessary analysis before reporting to the Harrogate & Knaresborough Area Constituency Committee on the 29th August 2019, this report will set out the headline results of the consultation and the potential next steps on the project.

It is likely that on this meeting of the 29th August a number of recommendations will be made.  If it is decided that any of the current consultation options have scope to be taken forward to development detail then these recommendations will form the basis of a report to the County Council Executive, fundamentally it is at that meeting that a decision will be taken on the next steps.

What we can do for you

At Lister Haigh we have a team of experienced professionals with a detailed understanding of road schemes covering a variety of property types and are able to advise on the implication of proposed schemes at an early stage. If you think you will be affected by the above entering into early discussions is important as we can assist and nurture a relationship with claimants that lasts to the formalising of any legal agreement and the payment of final compensation. 

If you would like our Professional help, please do not hesitate to our head of Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Vicki Lamb at our Boroughbrige office on 01423 322382