BPS 2017- Entitlement and Greening Values Confirmed

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The Rural Payments Agency has confirmed the BPS 2017 basic and greening payment values as it works towards the opening of the payment window on the 1st December 2017.  The rise in exchange rate for 2017 means that this year’s payment will once again be slightly higher compared to the previous year.  The Financial Discipline Mechanism (FDM) applied to payments over €2,000 has this year been set at 1.388419%. For claimants that requested to be paid in UK Sterling, the 2017 payment after deducting the FDM for Non-SDA land is £227.76 per Ha (£92.17/acre), SDA land at £225.70 per Ha (91.34/acre) and SDA Moorland at £62.60 per Ha (25.33/acre).  This figure may be subject to penalties or deductions if scheme rules have been broken. 

As always, there will probably be a number of incorrect penalties and deductions made by the RPA once payments commence, not least as a result of its recent Proactive Land Changes.  Here at Lister Haigh we have the capability to check the accuracy of your payments and unravel any problems for you before making a formal query with the RPA.  If you suspect for any reason that your payment may be wrong do not hesitate to contact a member of our specialist team on 01423 860322.

Also please be aware that where a Countryside Stewardship (CS) agreement with a 1st January 2016 start date included capital works, the agreement holder has until 31st December 2017 to complete those works and then must claim them by 31st March 2018. Natural England has said that there is a large amount of outstanding funding for CS 2016 agreement holders to claim and works to be completed by 31st December 2017.