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BPS 2018: Value and Payment Rates Confirmed

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BPS 2018: Value and Payment Rates Confirmed

The RPA has confirmed entitlement values and greening payments following confirmation of the BPS exchange rate – which will start landing in bank accounts from Monday 3rd December. The confirmed exchange rate applicable is €1 = £0.89281. For entitlement values, the size of farmers payments will depend on how many entitlements they use, supported by eligible land and the value of those entitlements. The greening part of payments is calculated by taking the number of entitlements that they have used with eligible land to claim payment and multiplying it by the greening value.
With the payments set, the RPA’s focus is preparing payments so that they are ready to go when the payment window opens.
The table below sets out a summary of the confirmed values and rates:

Payment Region

BPS 2018 Entitlement Value (2017)

BPS 2018 Greening Payment Rate (2017)


      €181.39 (€180.46)

       €78.13 (€77.69)


      €180.00 (€178.90)

       €77.53 (€76.92)

SDA Moorland

          €49.09 (€49.63)

       €21.14 (€21.32)