DEFRA Farming Productivity Grants – Adding Value And Innovation

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DEFRA Farming Productivity Grants – Adding Value And Innovation

This week, DEFRA has issued its manual with more details on its Adding Value grant which is the third theme of the Farming Transformation Fund (FTF) with a £30 million budget. This follows the two previous themes of water and improving farm productivity.

This offers grants for capital items to support farmers and growers in processing, diversifying and adding value to their agricultural produce after it has been harvested or reared. It can cover sites for preparation and processing added value products, including storage areas. It can also assist with equipment for retailing produce including websites, display facilities and vending machines. Also, the use of renewable energy and efficiency in energy, water and waste can be supported.

The grant is for items related to the general themes and so there is no specific list. Second hand equipment may qualify for this scheme although it doesn’t for the FETF (Farming Equipment and Technology Fund).

Grants will be offered up to 40% of cost with a minimum grant of £25,000 (total spend of £62,500) and a maximum of £300,000 (whatever the total spent).

As with the previous themes the online checker opens first, from early June, and will be available for 6 weeks. Those passing the checker stage will be sent an application form which can then be submitted at any time until 31st January 2024 and applications will be decided as they are submitted. Where planning permission is required, it must be secured before the application is made.

If this grant scheme is of interest, then please get in touch with Catherine Johnston at our Knaresborough office on 01423 860322 or email