Finalising Autumn 2017 Cropping Plans – Consider the Ban on PPP’s

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Remember the likely ban of PPP’s on nitrogen fixing crops for BPS 2018

Those who regularly use Beans as part of their BPS Greening requirements are encouraged to be cautious over their continued use in 2018.  Despite the European Union Agricultural Committee voting against the ban on use of Plant Protection Products (PPP’s) on nitrogen fixing crops used as Ecological Focus Areas (EFA’s), MEP’s look set to force through changes to greening as published in its journal on 30th June 2017.

Simplified this means that it is highly likely that use of chemicals on field beans, peas and other legume crops will not be permitted where an applicant intends to use this as part of his/her greening contribution for the 2018 scheme year.  Seemingly this ban applies for the life cycle of the crop (so from sowing to the point of harvest). Clarification has been sought from the European Commission as to how that interacts with crops sown this autumn before the rule changes take effect from 1st January 2018. 

Additionally this rule will likely apply to fallow land, catch + cover crops also used for EFA’s.  Claimants claiming more than 15 Hectares of arable land are required to allocate 5 % of their arable area towards EFA’s, typically this has been made up of fallow land, hedgerows, catch + cover crops and legume crops.  The likely ban of PPP’s on legume crops and fallow land is expected to have an impact on a large quantity of arable claimants.

If you are worried that this likely ban will affect your 2018 application or would like any general advice relating to the Basic Payment Scheme do not hesitate to contact our specialist agricultural team on 01423 860322.