Messages from Rural Payments Agency

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Many Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) claimants will have this week received an email from the Rural Payments Agency advising them of outstanding messages that await their attention. These messages are due, in the most part, to the RPA’s recent “proactive land changes” which has seen the remapping of various field parcel boundaries as well as the land cover associated with them following satellite and aerial image inspections. Whilst a number of these changes are most likely correct, we have seen a host of situations whereby the changes are incorrect and have affected the value of clients’ 2017 BPR payments. Lister Haigh’s agricultural team are well versed in identifying any potential mapping and land use errors and have access to up to date payment calculators that enable us to check the value of your claim to the nearest penny. If you have received such notifications and require further specialist advice do not hesitate to contact our agricultural team on 01423 860322.