Remortgaging Farm Properties – How to Reduce Costs, Stress and Time

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In light of a recent Farmers Weekly article on Remortgaging Farm Properties (see and their section on What can hold up a remortgage application we thought it may be helpful to remind you of just part of the full range of services we can offer here at Lister Haigh.

Whilst fundamentally most remortgaging applications start with your solicitor, at times there are a number of items that can be dealt with in advance by a suitable land agent.  Here at Lister Haigh we have the facilities to produce detailed plans based on the very latest Ordnance Survey data.  As well as being able to use these plans to correctly identify land let/held on tenancy/grazing agreements, we have the resources to ensure these are Land Registry compliant.  As more lenders move towards requiring registered title this is becoming more commonplace.

The first registration of land also requires a value as at the registration date to calculate the registration fee payable.  At Lister Haigh our team of RICS Registered Valuers are able to provide valuations for this and a range of other purposes.  Our team take pride in meeting with our clients in order to understand their objectives and often find ways of increasing value where they didn’t realise this was possible.  We are well placed to draw up new tenancy or grazing agreements on up to date terms as well as formalising existing arrangements. The benefit of using a suitably qualified land agent in this situation is that we truly understand the effect this may have on value.

In addition to the above, the majority of our Rural team are from a farming background and are able to give practical advice across all enterprises.  For those that aren’t looking to re-mortgage but are considering alternatives we can offer a comprehensive range of advice on farm diversifications, farm business costings and succession planning to name but a few!  Do not hesitate to contact our specialist team on 01423 860322 or visit our website