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Stay Compliant in NVZ’s – No spreading!

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Stay Compliant in NVZ’s – No spreading!

We are now well into the closed periods for spreading both organic and manufactured fertilisers in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, with October 15th marking the start of the closed period for spreading organic manure on grassland. No manufactured Nitrogen can be applied between 1st September – 15th January for tillage land, and 15th September – 15th January for grasslands.

This means the spreading of any organic manures, including poultry litter, slurry, sewage sludge and abattoir waste is PROHIBITED. These periods represent the time when the risk of nutrient leaching is at its highest and there is little or no plant growth. Ultimately, the aim of the closed period is to protect water courses from pollution. Stay compliant, do not spread during these times!