Tackling Congestion with the Harrogate Bypass – Public Consultation in a Nutshell

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Tackling Congestion with the Harrogate Bypass – Public Consultation in a Nutshell

North Yorkshire County Council have revealed the details of a public consultation on the possible options to help tackle Harrogate and Knaresborough’s traffic congestion. The consultation is to be online, with paper versions available on Monday 15th April. The council also propose to hold public exhibitions in the local area, but no dates have been revealed. 

There are two proposed ‘packages’ aimed to reduce congestion in Harrogate. The first contains a range of sustainable green measures and the second focus’ on sustainable green measures plus a Killinghall bypass and ‘inner relief road’ starting at Bilton. A questionnaire has been put together that aims to explore how the public will feel about each of the measures.

The consultation will involve the 48,000 households in Harrogate and Knaresborough but is open to anyone to respond.

One element of the scheme that has already been identified is the 150-meter-wide corridor of a potential ‘inner relief road’ from Bilton to Forest Lane Head going near the sewage works in Bilton but not onto Bilton Lane, past Nidd Gorge. The questionnaire aims to gather residents’ opinions on this.

At Lister Haigh we have a team of experienced professionals with a detailed understanding of road schemes covering a variety of property types and are able to advise on the implication of proposed schemes at an early stage.

Any decision on a specific route is at least 12 months away but it is vital that but if you think you will be affected by the potential routes of the Harrogate Bypass that you obtain advice as soon as a proposal is announced.  If you would like our Professional help, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Team on 01423 860322, or alternatively head to our website to read more:

Harrogate Relief Road