BPS 2019: Payment Rates Confirmed

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BPS 2019: Payment Rates Confirmed

Under the BPS format, the farmer holds a BPS entitlement for per eligible hectare of their land farmed. The farmers BPS payment not only depends on how many entitlements they hold, but also the payment regions to what they are associated, what area per entitlement is eligible to claim from and what value the RPA set to the entitlement.

The RPA confirmed the BPS exchange rate, used to calculate these entitlements, in late September, which was set at €1 = £0.89092, as per our article a few weeks back.

The RPA has since confirmed the 2019 BPS payment rates for these entitlements. These equate to (assuming the Financial Discipline Mechanism deduction remains at 1.14%, as in 2018):










The RPA are now focusing on preparing payments, for them to be received promptly when the payment window opens on the 1st December.

We are being assured by the RPA that the BPS, greening and young farmer payments will be continued in 2020.