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Market may bounce – but don’t forget the repairs

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Market may bounce – but don’t forget the repairs

I am firmly of the view that in the first half of 2020, the residential property market in Yorkshire will experience an activity bounce with many home owners taking the view that they simply want to get on with their lives irrespective of events on 12 December. I also share the stance of many estate agents that this bounce could even be quite significant depending on the outcome.

The present political and economic inertia has undoubtedly stifled the market this autumn. Yes it’s still four weeks until the general election but then six weeks today Christmas will be over and gone, and we will be only four days from the start of 2020. A new year with new hopes and aspirations. Maybe it will be the year for a new job, a new relationship or indeed a new home. Whatever might appeal, I am sure there will be positive thoughts for the future and so here are a few rambling thoughts if selling and moving to a new home is on your wish list for 2020.

  1. Do maintain your home over the winter. Leaks do not fix themselves nor do central heating boilers function well without being serviced. Simple upkeep such as clearing leaves out of gutters, replacing a slipped or broken roof tile and even a basic of level of paint over exposed woodwork can reap rewards both short and longer term. Ignore repair at your peril is my simple message
  2. You might like brisk walks on a winter’s day with the merits of fresh air but maybe not if it’s a cold, damp and overcast Sunday afternoon. So how about a bit of de-cluttering instead? Nothing too dramatic mind, it’s still your home and you like that cosy feel. But do you really need that stack of old newspapers and magazines from 6/9 months ago when they would merit being recycled? And how about (finally) taking those unused bits and pieces to the charity shop.
  3. Re-decorating? Well it’s a popular winter pastime for many and highly recommended provided it’s nothing too dramatic. Remember you are planning to sell next year so please avoid the temptation to go for that final bold colour scheme that you have always promised yourselves when in reality a potential buyer is going to say “seriously?”
  4. I know many love spending a lazy Sunday afternoon browsing the property portals (and of course the Yorkshire Post property section). It’s definitely a good idea to get yourself familiar with what’s selling, what’s not and what’s coming new to the market. I guess some might call it being market savvy. This way you will have a good handle on how the market is performing when you decide to join the rough and tumble of the property selling process. But do bear in mind as with any marketplace a commodity is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. Furthermore most people buy and sell at the same time so please avoid getting fixated on achieving a specific price. Wherever you sit in the market, surely it’s a question of whether you can financially afford the differential between sale and purchase irrespective of whether of you are going up or down the property ladder, or simply fancy a change. Country cottage to a town centre flat, family home to retirement bungalow the choices are many and what I hope, and indeed now expect, is that there will be many opportunities available as the market gains traction in 2020.

If nothing else, over the last few minutes I hope I have taken your mind off all things political.